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Feb. 6th, 2009

new acount time

here it is -> clickme

new journal time

totally making a new lj

Feb. 5th, 2009

The nursing home hangout

So all the old people in Prince Albert seem to hang out at the MacDonalds across the road from the hotel.
They're ALWAYS there for breakfast, so if we have to get up early for something we end up at Maccas for breakfast cause the hotcakes are something they totally don't touck while they're getting them ready for you.
holy crap can't believe I never mentioned this, but last time we went for breakfast I got a hasbrown and when we sat down at the table I noticed there was this huge curly hair on it, and I was like, oh okay it's probably mine but it was black and my hair is like, orange atm.
So I was sitting there for awhile trying to decide if I was just gonna pick it off and eat it or take it back or just leave it but I really wanted a has brown and this hair was freaking embedded in it, looked like it had been cooked in or whatever.
So I went back, and it was the same guy that took our order and he was this old slow Asian guy who I like cause he's so funny the way he does things, like he's trying to be all happy and smiley and do everything right but he's just so damn slow. So anyway, this guy has a beard, and I was thinking holy crap I bet it's beard hair,
-theres another guy that's usually working out the back when we go that totally grosses me out cause he has this HUGE moustache, it's like massive and was totally working that day so it could've been him too and I can now justify my hating him-
so I showed him the hair and he went of and got me a new one and the manager gave me an extra one so being pregnant is awesome, cause I bet if I wasn't they would've done something to it.
Not like they can really do anything cause I'm like standing right there watching but still.
I remember in Kal someone told me that when they worked at Chicken treat or one of those places (which they totally don't have here) The guys would take the last chicken nugget and do all kinda of nasty stuff to it and they'd watch whoever got it and ate it and god If they do the same thing at MacDonalds I might just stop going.
Which sucks cause I really like Maccas.
Even the lack of gloves won't make me stop going, even though it disgusts me and everytime I see someone who works there I stare at their nails but anyway,
The point of this was to write about all the old folks that hangout there but I've gone so off topic that I don't care anymore.

Damn baby better come out today cause I don't think I can handle one more retarded dream involving people I hate.

Feb. 3rd, 2009

my doctor is a what?

so if your doctor ever tells you he's going to 'strip your membranes' make sure you run out of that room while you still have your pants on.

My doctors apointment was like hell fuck off early (9.15) and all last night I was on and on about how I didnt want a pelvic exam and I was probably gonna have to have one cause it's like the day after my due date and the demons still in there, but I was so tired when he mentioned it I was like whatever and just let it happen but holy fucking shit that is the pelvic exam to end all pelvic exams. The pain, holy shit I didn't realize he had KNIVES FOR FINGERS.
So then we ended up in the labour ward cause the recipionist can't hear properly and he told her to make me a thingo in the labour ward for the 12th which is when I'll be induced but she got mixed up and sent us over there so I got hooked up to this machine thingo and noone could figure out why I was there but whatever it was all good, I got to see the ward and the nurses are awesome.

The doctor on call was freaking wierd though, he's this super tall skinny indian bloke and I swear he was wearing some sort of makeup. Like srsly, his eyes, were freaking black, like he was a goddamed goth or something. Then he was patronizing me talking about due dates and how they're just an estimation and like me and Mum are just sitting there rolling our eyes.
He's lucky I wasn't actually in labour hey cause I would've been throwing shit at him.
Not literally duh, I'm not a monkey.

So anywho, I've been getting labour pains since this membrane stripping bullshit so tonight may be the night and holy shit there's another one.
Don't get pregnant, it isn't fun.

ALSO haven't heard from Brycefag since I pointed out the fact that he legally can't do much at all. All he can really do is try to get a DNA test and all I have to do is wave around the myspace messages he sent saying 'I'm gonna take this kid away from you' and then the one that says 'I shoot up heroin and walk past primary schools to perve on children'
Yes boys and girls I'm being serious, he sent me messages like that, of course you me and everyone else knows he's being sarcastic or whatever but does a mentally healthy person really make sarcastic comments about being a paedophile?

Feb. 1st, 2009


guy next door to us in like in a smoking room and all I can hear is him like coughing up flem.
You know when someone coughs then they make that hacking noise like they're getting the flem into their mouth so they can spit it out??
Yeah srsly that's all I can hear.
Perhaps I won't start smoking again when I'm done breastfeeding, cause that sounds freaking gross.

Oh and last night the guy on the OTHER side was snoring and we could hear it so that's gotta be pretty loud.

Ohohoh and  I finished my cross-stitch christmas thingo that's taken me like two weeks when I could've finished it easily in two days

Jan. 30th, 2009


realized that somehow I became old.
We went and saw mall cop tonight, pretty sweet movie but I couldn't get into it cause the cinema was FULL of people and in Canada people in cinemas are assholes. Perhaps it's cause they only have to pay $8.50 for a ticket and it makes them feel like it's not a big deal if they're annoying or not, but yeah they like, have conversations the whole way through and they're always getting up and walking around and like they don't stand up to let people through the aisles which I was totally bitching about then I ended up doing it cause the movie had already started and I didn't wanna stand up and irritate the people behind us cause they were quiet.
But yeah, its like people in Canada just let their kids talk and run around through the movie. I totally don't get it. Oh and they don't turn their phones off.
Anywho, we got back to the hotel and it's like Friday so there are always more people than usual but this time there are like freaking pre-teens from a school group or something across the hall from us. They were getting super loud so I got up to check if they were out in the hallway or where they were and I find out that they're in the room right across from us, and they've got the door propped open and I swear there was like at least 10 of them in there beating eachother to death with hockey sticks or something.
So I went and complained, and Mum was all 'you can't complain until 11' cause it was qaurter too, but they were kids, they should've been in bed lol
but yeah a lot can be said for complaining cause now there's no noise and the cats not freaked out anymore :D
I reckon the baby's coming in the next few days, When I saw the doctor he said the head is in the right spot so that's good news hey.
Plus I don't know how much more weight I can put on without srsly hating myself so it better come soon. I have cankles,
no freakinhg joke.
theres like no definition as to where my calf becomes my ankle, hence, cankle.

Jan. 26th, 2009


so I got my hair lightened
I match the cat now, it's like ginger.
We got to the hairdressers at like 10am cause Mum was getting her hair coloured and I was talking to the hairdresser about how I wanted to get rid of the black but it was gonna be real hard cause it was all box dye and stained and stuff,
So she was like, well, I don't have anyone coming in till 12 so if you wanna do it I'll do it for you.
So at like 1.30 we got out of the hairdressers and she did an amazing job for what she had to work with.
I can't post pictures till I'm back in Southend cause theres no way to resize them or edit on this computer but Im pretty happy with it. It's patchy but it's a lot better than I would've done at home.
I have a rule where I dont pass judgement on a haircut/colour till I've gone home and washed/styled it myself and right now i'm just waiting for it to dry.
So I think I'll get it lightened again before I come back in June for a holiday and I'll do my extensions aswell.
The hairdresser said she'll dye the extensions but she won't bleach them so I'll do that at home.
I learnt why my hair never lightened at your house rhi, it was cause the bleach dryed out and once it drys it stops working. I srsly never knew that, the bleach she used today is like oil based so it stays wet.
It was an experience alright

Jan. 22nd, 2009


mum just got mistaken for a maid

Jan. 21st, 2009

nail tech

so I got these gel nails put on.
They're so amazing, Im in love.
they're just so strong and pretty and a lot better than acrylics seeing as they dont break as often and they dont give you cancer.

I'm more than likley gonna be doing the nail tech course too. I just need to attend 5 lessons, pay about $2000 for all the equipment and do nails for 10 people and hey presto I'm a nail tech


soooo I found out today that macdonalds employees are not required to wear gloves when preparing food.
I've been watching them behind the counter every time I go in there and none of them are wearing gloves, they're usually totally distracted having loud innapropriate conversations and the managers are younger than the staff.
Not to mention they always have eldery janitors who would totally be better working in the manager positions.

So anyway, today was the first day I noticed that the people assembling the burgers weren't wearing gloves.
So I came back to the hotel and looked it up on the net, and apparently macdonalds employees are not required to wear gloves when preparing food.
WTF!?!?! like srsly, that's so freaking disgusting.
Do you know what's under human fingernails?
srsly I saw this on a tv show once or read it somewhere or something, but there is a small percentage of human feces under fingernails. And if you have pets then theres more.
The internet says that they have this 'strict' handwashing routine and shit but I've seen employees go outside to smoke then go back in without washing their hands before they start work again.
not to mention there is srsly no way to completly steralise your hands, especially under your fingernails. I'm so disgusted by this. I like macdonalds a lot but omfg they srsly need to be wearing gloves.
I'm gonna email them from their website and I'll probably complain next time I go in but it's not like it'll do any good. I'll be complaining AFTER I get my food aswell.

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